17th & Atlantic VA Beach VA
Created in Collaboration with Carl Medley

Artists Carl Medley and Shaylen Broughton speak to the depth of human emotions and how we connect to one another through art. The fluid pattern created by Shaylen is a symbol of life and the connection of all things. The web is a pattern that repeats itself in nature and can be interpreted in many different ways..creating a collaboration between the artist and the viewers.

In the center, the word “feels” covered in piñata texture by Carl is meant to speak to the idea of potential and how that can be scary for some and exciting for others. A piñata is beautiful in its existing state as well as its transformative state. The same can be said for the way people feel about growth in Virginia. 

By combining color, form and text, this simple but powerful piece is enough to hit anyone right in the feels.

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